Benedikt Kaemmerer
UI & UX Designer

Sixt Design System

Building and Managing a Design System

“A design system is a set of interconnected patterns and shared practices coherently organized to achieve the purpose of digital products.”
Alla Kholmatova
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Sixt Design System


  • Make our customers lives easier by providing them with an outstanding and consistent experience across all Sixt products
  • Enable designers to solve problems and to build better designs faster
  • Increase collaboration between teams by utilizing a common foundation
  • Empower developers to build better apps with less code

Sixt Design System

Building Blocks

The structure of the design system is loosely based on Atomic Design and consist of the following types:

  1. Base styles - the fundamental building blocks of the design system: e.g. colors, fonts, shapes
  2. Components - reusable elements like buttons, list items or input fields
  3. Modules - more complex elements that have a specific use and are not universally applicable

Design Tools used to build the design system

Design Tools used to build the design system

What tools are used to build the system?

JIRA - Project management & UX process

Abstract - File management & version control

Sketch - Wireframes & UI Design

XD - Animations & prototypes

If you build it they will come!
Sixt Design System